+2 Fire Blanket

Fire blankets take care of smaller fires

A fire blanket makes it easy to put out a fire  no matter if it is a burning candleholder, clothes or frying pan when you are cooking. Most family members can easily and effectively use a fire blanket to put out a fire. For the best protection, you should have several fire blankets throughout your home. FireInvent took special care to ensure that our products are decorative. That allows you to keep the fire blankets where you can see and use them most quickly. FireInvent offers fire blankets with a design cover, and a flame resistant blanket that is so soft and warm that is perfect to use it as a ‘regular’ blanket on any sofa, chair, or bed.

This is how you should use a fire blanket: grab the blanket on its straps or end, hold the blanket in front of you, and put it down over the fire, entirely covering the burning material with it. Make sure that whatever is burning is covered completely  so that the fire will be suffocated by cutting off the oxygen supply.