Complete Fire Safety

+1 Smoke detector to detect the fire

A smoke detector can detect the poisonous smoke before you and your family can. You should have one or more smoke detectors in every room, hallway and staircase. Read more

+2 Fire blanket to put out small fires

Most fires start small. A fire blanket should always be ready at hand. Read more

+3 Fire extinguisher to put out the fire

A fire extinguisher can stop a fire before it gets out of control. Read more

= Complete fire protection


3 out of 4 fire incidents occur at home. Besides cooking accidents the leading causes for domestic fires are malfunctioning of electrical equipment and wiring, candles, and smoking. Most domestic fires occur when someone is at home and could limit the damage caused by the fire.
Source: Fires in the Home, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Call 112 or 999! If the fire is too consuming evacuate the house first and then call 112 or 999 (in the UK). If possible, close all doors and windows, leave the building and the premises. Do not take any risks. A fire can spread very quickly.