+1 Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors, this is why they are so effective!

In most cases smoke detectors discover the poisonous smoke of a domestic fire before you and your family do. The smoke detector brings the fire to your attention and gives you the chance to put it out before it spreads any further.

For optimum protection you should have at least one smoke detector in every room, staircase, and hallway. Using several smoke detectors in your home increases your chance of detecting the fire early and enables you to act promptly.

Place the smoke detector in a high up and, if possible, central location within the room. In many cases a classic smoke detector will do just fine. In a more decorated and designed room FireInvent‘s Snapalarm is the perfect choice. The Snapalarm beautifully blends in with your lamp and keeps your ceiling free from obstructions and holes. It simply snaps onto the cord, chain or rod of your lamp, without the need to use any tools. Ceiling mounted lamps are mostly positioned in the center of the room, so that your Snapalarm will be in the perfect location to detect a fire.